Consulter for research and developement

as a senior engineer with a vast experience in many different areas such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, safety and security branch, layout for PV module production, designing renewables energy systems, I can offer you expert consulting, espacially in the early development stages of new products.




some references of the last years:


SOLON AG Berlin productionline

for PV modules


Q Cells Bitterfeld / Thalheim :

Cells production line


ENTECH Kufstein :

dev.ceramic components CSG Berlin / Thalheim . feasibility study thinfilmfotovoltaic


AST Vbg.:

dev. automat. drive for special shadowing 


Novartis Kundl  : dev.automatisation


GENZ  Innsbruck: dev.various automat. Systems


SIBLIK Vienna : shadowvoltaik with semittansparent ASi Modules


HTC/SOLON Steinach :dev.static / dynamic calculation and design


SIBLIK Vienna : dev. new product of doorcomm.


HTC Steinach : dev. Mover to island Mover


USEDOM Solar : dev. production plant for PV modules in Peenemünde